Race in the 21st Century Panel Series: “Traffic Stops”


Friday, Sept. 25, 2-3 p.m.

Topic: “Traffic Stops

Link: https://stetson-edu.zoom.us/j/91245103191?pwd=TURMVVNkdVFWOHM5M3Iwb2JMVmd1QT09

Please join us this Friday, Sept. 25, at 2 p.m. for the fifth panel of the series: “Traffic Stops.” This panel will feature DeLand Chief of Police Jason D. Umberger and Lakeland Assistant Chief of Police Hans Lehman to discuss police and civilian interactions at routine traffic stops. They will be joined by Wilson Grooms, a Stetson sociology senior, and Dr. Sven Smith, an associate professor of Sociology at Stetson. Delving into Wilson’s research on escalations in police and civilian interactions, we engage the question, “What makes for a good traffic stop?”

RACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY, is a weekly, one-hour discussion hosted by Sociologist Dr. Sharmaine Jackson and sponsored by the Africana Studies Program. Delivering to viewers extraordinary perspectives on current events and accomplishments unfolding in, and around our community, this series takes a deep dive into race by delivering stories that engage us on issues related to Black lives and racial justice.