Become a Member of Stetson People Helping People

I am writing to you today about a Stetson faculty and staff charity that has promoted kindness, community outreach and caring since 1973.  Yet, so few seem to know about it.

We are now in the 47th year of Stetson People Helping People, the faculty/staff philanthropy.  PHP has a long record of grants between $2,000-10,000 for needs in West Volusia.  We have helped start-ups and provided capital equipment/building funds to so many people in need.  We helped build the additions to the DeLand Neighborhood Association, provided computer rooms and shower facilities for the homeless, helped provide safe space for battered women, granted supplies for teachers and after-school tutoring, and rebuilt portions of the damaged Duvall Home for those with developmental disabilities.  We have helped to create a pantry for the Stetson community and seeded Stetson student groups doing community outreach.  We look for groups trying to help people in need.  Our charge is “to assist organizations working with low-income persons. The grants awarded are to provide funds to start new programs, to assist existing organizations with financial emergencies, or to provide for special financial needs not covered by regular budgets.”

In April, we had assets of $407,000, carefully managed and invested to help it grow.  However, the recent pandemic and several retirements over the past several years has depleted the membership dramatically, and our funds have suffered.  Most of you have never heard of us, despite the fact we have advertised at all the benefits fairs.

We are starting a new membership drive over the faculty and staff discussion sites.  It is easy to become a member.  Gifts can be deducted straight from Payroll, and most members give $10-20 per month.  Faculty and staff manage this fund, which goes directly to local community needs. The Executive Board is open to members who show an interest in steering philanthropy and makes appointments every Spring.

If you want to help the local community at this time of need, if you have a specific community project in mind that could use start-up or a helping hand, if you feel Stetson should be doing more to aid those around us who have suffered from inequities, abuse, homelessness or poverty, then People Helping People needs your membership and your contribution.  I cannot express enough how much DeLand and West Volusia need you.

If you have questions, contact PHP President Kate Pearce or incoming President Colin McFarlane.