Race in the 21st Century Panel Series: Jazz in Black and White


Friday, Sept. 11, 2-3 p.m.

Topic: “Jazz in Black and White

Link: https://us.bbcollab.com/guest/e2d25177dc244591806e2d6072084ce8

Please join us this Friday, Sept. 11 at 2 p.m. for the third panel of the series: “Jazz in Black and White.” This panel will feature composer, intermedia artist and performer, Dr. Charles (“Chaz”) Underriner, a digital artist in the Department of Creative Arts at Stetson. Dr. Underriner will be joined by critically acclaimed saxophonist, composer, recording artist and educator, James Brandon Lewis: https://www.jblewis.com/.

In Lewis’ words, “The role of an artist is to make art that reflects a life lived, and living. It is in this reflection where music and meaning converge. Through the playing and listening of music, we create and recreate the feelings and forms of life. Music is a conduit for connecting our inner and outer consciousness by giving expression to that which lives within, and without. Through rhythm and rhyme, we tap into worlds known and unknown. In doing so, we dance with ideas of belonging, authenticity, appropriation and ownership. Music organizes us along lines of integration and segregation, through the deliberate use of musical notes, beats and drops. Inspired by Lewis’ work, we engage the question, “Who am I musically?”

RACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY is a weekly one-hour discussion hosted by Sociologist Dr. Sharmaine Jackson. Sponsored by the Africana Studies Program and the Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence, this series is facilitated by Dr. Harry Price, director of the Brown Center, Brown Faculty Fellow for Equity and Inclusion Dr. Lamerial McRae, and Program Manager Christopher Griffin. Delivering to viewers extraordinary perspectives on current events and accomplishments unfolding in, and around our community, this series takes a deep dive into race by delivering stories that engage us on issues related to Black lives and racial justice.