Virtual Cultural Credit events offered by duPont-Ball Library

The duPont-Ball Library is offering three virtual cultural credit events in BlackBoard. All undergraduate students are already enrolled in the library’s BlackBoard course, so they will be able to see these now. Watch a video, take the online quiz, and earn a Cultural Credit for a score of 70% or higher.

  • The John B. Stetson Family Legacy – Event 86025
    33-minute video and online quiz in BlackBoard

This presentation focuses on the early years of Stetson University and the influence and legacies of the University’s major benefactor, John B. Stetson, his wife Elizabeth, and their two sons, John B. Stetson, Jr. and G. Henry Stetson.

  • An Idea Likely Too Big: Andrew Carnegie’s Role in Stetson University’s First Free-Standing Library (Sampson Hall) – Event 86026
    33-minute video and online quiz in BlackBoard

This presentation tells the story of Stetson President Lincoln Hulley’s efforts to get funding from industrialist Andrew Carnegie for Stetson’s first library building, which is today known as Sampson Hall.

  • Stetson University Presidents: A Walk through History – Event 86027
    33-minute video and online quiz in BlackBoard

 This presentation takes a look at the first eight Stetson University presidents and the highlights of their administrations.

Please Note: If you are a returning student who earned cultural credit for any of these three events in spring or summer of 2020, you cannot receive duplicate credits.  Watch for announcements, however, of new cultural credit events offered by the duPont-Ball Library.

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