Stetson Technology and Book Fund

If you know a student in need of books and technology learning resources, or if you are able and willing to donate to this fund, we want to let you know about the Technology and Book Fund. This fund – an expansion of our usual Book Award campaign launched before the start of each semester – recognizes students’ increased need during the COVID-19 pandemic for laptops, tablets and other resources in addition to their usual textbooks.

Here are a couple of the situations our students have faced during these last several months:

  • “The COVID-19 crisis has been deeply troublesome for my little family. The switch to distance learning has been hard because I do not have internet access at home and lack proper technology to access classes and other learning material. In addition to that, I have been suffering financially due to loss of work. I am struggling, trying to keep my head above water and afford basic necessities right now. In a non-COVID world this is hard for me, but given the state of our world, things are much worse.”
  • “I will lose access to a computer and will require to purchase a new computer to continue my online studies. My wife is not working and is caring for our school-aged children. We have been deeply affected by COVID-19.”

Students can apply for assistance through the Technology and Book fund through the Office of Student Financial Planning.

To donate to the fund, please visit the Technology and Book Fund donation page.

-Development and Alumni Engagement