Multiple Course Shells in Blackboard

After updating the course delivery modality to prepare to welcome our students to the new academic year, it has come to our attention that some faculty members are seeing multiple course shells in Blackboard. To accommodate course delivery modalities, different sections for the same course, according to the faculty members’ reported teaching preference(s), were created. After conferring with the Registrar’s Office, we have agreed to a solution to remedy this situation while minimizing any disruptions.

To begin, you will receive a personalized email from IT/EIS that specifically identifies the correct course(s) you are teaching in Blackboard that correlates properly with Banner. If this is the course(s) you have been preparing for the fall term, you do not need to do anything else. 

However, if you have been updating a different course shell you have two options:

  • Send an email to the Office of Online Learning and EdTech with the course ID(s) you have been updating and the course ID(s) which is currently active in Banner as identified in your email from EIS. OOLET staff will then copy the updated content into the correct shell(s) for you.


  • Once you identify the correct course(s), you can copy the updated course materials into the active course shell. Press here for directions.

The duplicate course shells will be hidden from faculty views this Friday, July 31, at midnight. If you have not copied over any updated content to your active course(s), OOLET can still assist and access any updates you may have prepared in a different course shell. No work you may have prepared will be deleted or lost.   

Please note that moving forward, the Registrar’s Office will notify OOLET of any additional delivery modality changes and OOLET will contact the faculty member directly to assist as needed.

We appreciate your patience as we work collaboratively to resolve this situation.

-Office of Information Technology