BetterU 2.0 Registration – The Summer Edition

Wellness & Recreation is encouraging staff and faculty to continue practicing healthy behaviors and participate in the Employee Wellness Program, BetterU 2.0 – The Summer Edition.  BetterU is the employee fitness program offered collaboratively by Wellness & Recreation and Human Resources. This program is three weeks long.

Dates: July 13 – Aug. 2
To sign up, you must complete the registration form before the registration deadline on Thursday, July 9.

All members of Stetson’s medical insurance plan are also eligible to receive your $30 incentive through Motivate Me after earning a minimum total of 27 points. All faculty and staff members earning more than 45 points will be eligible to win an HR prize, awarded upon our return to campus.

In BetterU, each time a participant exercises, sleeps and/or eats fruits and vegetables, according to the recommended guidelines below and logs their activity on a daily basis, they will receive a point. Activity can be earned and logged anytime (including weekends) through a form listed on the Human Resource website under the BetterU tab. The link to the form will be sent out to all participants who register. Participants can only log each activity once per day.

Exercise:             30-60 minutes of moderate to high-intensity exercise per day
Eat:                      Enjoy five servings of fruits and vegetables each day
Sleep:                  Seven to nine hours of sleep per night

Participants will receive information regarding the tracking log on Friday, July 10, once registration closes.