Let’s Talk Action (Part Two) Thursday

On June 23, Let’s Talk Racism (Part One) provided space for current Stetson students and alumni to engage in storytelling and share their experiences of racism on campus and in the DeLand community.

Now, Part Two is an opportunity to share ideas for actionable solutions.

Let’s Talk Action
Thursday, June 25
2:30-4 p.m.

We invite current Stetson students and alumni to share their ideas to alter the harmful patterns of racism that occur on Stetson’s campus, individually and systemically. Students are welcome to share during the session or submit ideas anonymously.

The sharing of ideas will be facilitated by the following panelists who will hold space for students to share and listen with respect and intention on a virtual platform (password: 133291).

  • Joanne Harris-Duff, Director of Diversity and Inclusion – Moderator
  • Amanda Castoire, Coordinator of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Kimberly Tilus, Associate Director for Student Development and Campus Vibrancy
  • Lindsey Carelli, Associate Director of Interfaith Initiatives
  • Sam Friedman, Hillel Director