Stetson HATS and Summer Creative Writing for Kids

Stetson HATS is accepting applications! Stetson’s High Achieving Talented Students is specifically designed for gifted students in grades K-12, providing enrichment programs which emphasize rich content, like-minded fellowship with other students, and opportunities for parents to share ideas and discuss strategies with experts in gifted education. We are planning a Halloween comeback this fall for all ages! Be the first to learn our plans. Apply here:

THIS summer, we have two online camps: Creative Writing: Short Fiction Online with David Finkle: July 13-17, for Grades 4th-12th and the follow-up Novel Writing Online.

Short Fiction is an introductory course to fiction writing and a deep dive into storytelling. Students will do exercises that will hone their skills in narration, description, dialogue and interior monologue, writing a collaborative short story with the class and their own original short story to be published in a class anthology. Students will receive personal feedback and guidance from the instructor, author of the book, “Teaching Students to Make Writing Visual and Vivid.” (12 available spots).

This course is a prerequisite for Novel Writing; both courses can be taken in the same summer.…/young-scholars/short-fiction.php