NotreDame AmeriCorps Open Position at Stetson

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is seeking a graduate to assist in developing, planning and implementing the multicultural programming initiatives at Stetson University. Please see below for more information and visit If interested, please contact Laura Firtel ( from Hope Community Center.


NotreDame AmeriCorps: Multicultural First Year Initiatives Educator

JOB DESCRIPTION: The NotreDame AmeriCorps: Multicultural First Year Initiatives Educator is a professional position within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion involving the development, planning and implementation of multicultural programming initiatives at Stetson University. The Multicultural First Year Initiatives Educator will assist in coordinating efforts that support the development of underrepresented first-year students (including but not limited to students of color and the LGBTQIA community); correspond, engage and empower these students to participate in campus vibrancy initiatives; monitor and assess mentor interactions with mentees; and coordinate community engagement opportunities.  The Multicultural First Year Initiatives Educator will advise and empower multiple student leaders, cultivate and sustain relationships with community partners, and coordinate leadership and development opportunities for the WISE Program. They will research and assess the needs of underrepresented college students at Stetson University and come up with a strategic plan to support this specific population. In partnership with the Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion, they will provide strategic and transformational leadership for college students who are dedicated to equity, diversity and inclusion.


  • Development and implementation of programming initiatives that support underrepresented Stetson University students.
  • Promote the WISE Program to the campus to raise awareness and provide outreach to students who could benefit from peer-to-peer mentorship.
  • Schedule 1:1 meetings with WISE Leaders and Scholars to meet directly with Coordinator.
  • Schedule monthly WISE Leader meetings for event planning and mentor accountability.
  • Supervise the Marketing Intern who will aid in the social media marketing efforts.
  • Serve as an information resource for students, faculty, staff and parents in matters related to mentoring, programming and leadership.
  • In partnership with the Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion carry out an assessment plan that measures learning outcomes for training and mentorship.
  • Support campus efforts around diversity and inclusion.
  • Perform other intentional duties that contribute to the University mission as assigned including shared governance through community work.
  • Promote and support existing University programs designed to create a welcoming environment while ensuring academic success with all students.
  • Provide success coaching to students; provide support and resources to develop effective self-determination and self-advocacy to reach students’ academic and personal goals.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelors degree required. Ability to communicate effectively with people from different social, cultural and educational backgrounds. Excellent community building; passion for student development through cutting-edge national practices; ability to relate well to students, parents, scholars, faculty, staff and others from diverse cultural backgrounds; strong written and verbal communication skills; diligent attention to detail and meticulous record-keeping, including budgets; sound professional judgment and a strong sense of ethics; ability to use personal computers for word processing and database management; and the ability to work effectively and successfully in engaging in a global and multicultural climate.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion AT STETSON: The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, located in the Cross Cultural Center, serves many functions at Stetson University. From student advising, faculty partnerships and campus-wide diversity awareness efforts, we are charged with providing optimal support to underrepresented students and students who subscribe to Multicultural student organizations. This support is realized through direct advising of student organizations, mentoring of individual leaders, and at times serve as a life coach for students in crisis.  Conversations with faculty are centered on intercultural issues and multicultural experiences with a focus to develop a partnership that fosters co-curricular opportunities outside of the classroom.

YOUR TEAM: Campus Life and Student Success champions community, well-being, learning and success throughout each student’s journey at Stetson. Campus Life and Student Success fosters a vibrant culture acting as a learning laboratory for growth and development. Those who engage in the Stetson experience will be identified by their future family, local and work communities as critical thinkers, servant leaders and informed inclusive problem solvers ready to contribute, advocate and lead while addressing world issues and catalyzing community development.

BENEFITS: AmeriCorps stipend ($12,100 for 11 months; stipend is taxed); meal stipend provided by Stetson University ($1,000 for the year),  travel reimbursement to Apopka (provided by Stetson University); Notre Dame AmeriCorps training and professional development, health care benefits, emergency food stamp benefit (if eligible).

WORKING CONDITIONS: Requires some physical effort [i.e., standing and walking, light lifting (5-10 lbs.)] and manual dexterity in the use of fingers or limbs in the operation of office equipment; extended periods of time at a keyboard, perceptual demands for sound, form, texture and depth.