Greenfeather 2020 Up and Running!

Stetson Greenfeather is a philanthropic organization that hosts events to raise money for local charities. This year, there will be two Greenfeather grant recipients. The first $10,000 we raise will be awarded to Hispanic Health Initiatives (HHI), and everything beyond $10,000 will go to the Community Education Project (CEP). 

HHI operates a mobile health care unit that provides essential medical services to the Hispanic community and other underserved groups. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, HHI’s health risk assessment services are more important than ever. They are also distributing 10,000 health bags, containing masks, other necessary supplies, and educational information about the virus and how to properly wear a mask. 

CEP works with the Tomoka Correctional Institution to provide incarcerated individuals with college classes. CEP also operates a community garden within the correctional institution to enrich the lives of the individuals there. To try and limit the virus’s spread, individuals at Tomoka CI are being confined to their dormitories for 22 hours a day. To combat the mental health effects of such confinement, CEP is planning on using the community garden as a therapeutic tool once the immediate threat has subsided. 

Fundraising begins June 1, and we encourage all of Stetson’s faculty members and staff to remain involved in Greenfeather’s efforts by following us on Instagram @stetsonu.greenfeather.

For more information about HHI, visit their Facebook  page or website.

To learn more about CEP, visit their Facebook page or website.