Reminder: Return Library Materials

Students living on or near campus: Please return all library books and DVDs in the book drop on the library’s front porch by May 11. Make an appointment to return equipment — email [email protected] to choose a date and time.

Students not living on campus: See Guide for Returning Items to duPont-Ball Library for detailed information. Please plan to send items back by Aug. 1, 2020. Items not returned by Aug. 1 will move to a long overdue/billed status. If you are unable to return your items to the library by Aug. 1, you must contact [email protected] and we will work with you based on your situation.

Interlibrary loan materials (ILL materials), regardless of the due date, are due by May 11. Return ILL materials in the book drop on the library’s front porch. If you are unable to return items in the book drop, complete this form to tell us how you plan to return items or contact [email protected] to make other arrangements.

If you have other questions, check our FAQ section of the Return and Renewal Guide.