Brown Center call for nominations

At the March 27 University Faculty meeting, Provost Noel Painter announced that we are moving toward a new model of leadership for the Brown Center. Instead of continuing with a single Executive Director, we will move to a more collaborative model with a new Council of Faculty Fellows leading our efforts to “enrich and sustain excellence in all facets of faculty life.”

Your input on who should be members of this new council and what areas of programming should be emphasized by the Brown Center in the coming year is very important to us. In order to facilitate hearing from many voices, we have several ways for you to join the conversation:

1) Submit a nomination – We have an online form to submit nominations (including self-nominations) and provide input about which areas of emphasis that you feel are important for programming. It should provide you with enough detail to make some informed recommendations. The link is in this email below.

2) Read the white paper – I have been writing and revising a white paper (only about 3 pages) to provide more details of this plan for a Council of Faculty Fellows. It has a little more detail than the survey, but it will continue to be revised until I end my term as Interim Director. Send me a quick email and I will reply with a PDF of the latest version.

Here’s the link for our nomination form:

I hope this approach will provide you each with a way to engage and provide input that fits your other responsibilities and commitments.

Take care,
Nathan Wolek
Interim Director
Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence