COVID-19 Impact: Student Emergency Aid Needed

COVID-19 is presenting unanticipated challenges for many of our students and their families. Financial worries are spreading through our community.

Every day, we learn about more students who need our help. We hear stories about losing their jobs, parents who have been laid off, concerns regarding being able to return to Stetson in the fall, worries about graduating.

In addition to the great work everyone is doing in support of our students, many of you have been asking, “What more can I do to help?” In response, we have created the COVID-19 Student Emergency Fund, which provides aid to Stetson students to lessen their unexpected and sometimes devastating financial burdens.

We hope you will consider a gift. Your donation, in any amount, can make a tremendous difference to students who need help. Please donate at this link if you are able: Hatters Care (COVID-19 Emergency Fund).

Students can apply for support from this fund by submitting the online 2019-2020 COVID-19 Related Request for Review.

Times like these test our resilience and resolve, but such times also bring out the best in people. They remind us of the Hatter spirit that has long rallied and sustained our strong sense of community. Thank you for being a part of this incredible community. Your kindness, generosity and grace are truly appreciated.

Lynn Schoenberg
Dean of Students

Heidi Goldsworthy
Director of Financial Aid

George Alderman
Student Government Association President