FitFam 2.0

#SpringFitFam 2.0

Stuck at home? Here’s some motivation for an at-home workout!

#SpringFitFam 2.0 is a 4-week series focusing on regular exercise, forming accountability with others, learning about wellness habits, and having fun! This program is designed to be accessible to any person willing to participate. You form groups of 4 with friends or with new people who will work together to earn points and win prizes. Sounds amazing right? If you’re already sold, Sign-Up here. If not, keep reading!

The primary way of earning points is regularly exercising* and, due to gym closures, all exercising will be self-reported. You can stay up to date on FitFam by following us on Instagram at “SUWellnessRec,” or by keeping an eye on Wellness & Rec’s Facebook page. Sign-Up here.

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