Update Coming to Email Alert

Last year, Stetson implemented a prepended warning to each email from external senders in an effort to alert you of potentially risky emails. To improve the experience, especially in your mobile device, but maintain the security of the message, we will be shortening the prepended message. This change will occur, starting Feb. 14, 2020.

Below is a screen capture of the prepended warning showing how it will appear in your desktop inbox:

The message alerts you when you receive an email from a sender not affiliated with Stetson or not from Stetson’s email system. It is also helpful if you see this alert in an email from someone pretending to be a Stetson employee. That is usually a giveaway that it is a phishing email or spoofing an identity to gain information or money (gift cards, etc.).

If you have questions about this change or its significance, please contact I.T. at support@stetson.edu.

-Office of Information Technology