Share your Research and Creative Vision at Showcase 2020. Apply by March 27

The 22nd  annual Showcase, April 14, is now accepting applications for presentation.  Showcase is the annual undergraduate research and creativity day.  All day students will present posters, musical performances, original compositions, art exhibitions, oral presentations, innovations, inventions, business strategies and community outreach projects.  Students from all years and schools are invited to participate, if they have research or a creative work ready to be presented.  See for application details.

All daytime classes are cancelled on April 14 to lessen time conflicts.  There will be prizes for best presentation at each venue.

This is your chance to share your academic and creative vision beyond your own department.  Come be a part of one of the oldest comprehensive Undergraduate Research Days in the country.  Talk to your advisor today.  For more details, contact Dr. Kimberly Reiter at Applications are due by the close of Friday, March 27.