Computer Security is Up to Everyone

In our efforts to improve security, the Stetson Information Technology department recommends that you turn off your computer or manually lock your display screen any time you leave your computer unattended. This will protect the information stored on or accessible from your device and from your profile.

When you manually lock your screen, the computer continues to run in the background, allowing you to keep documents or apps open. You will be able to quickly unlock the screen when you return, without restarting your computer.

To manually lock your computer’s screen:

For Microsoft Windows
Method 1: On your keyboard, hold down the Windows Logo icon key and the L key on the keyboard at the same time.

Method 2: Open the Start Menu by clicking the Windows Logo icon. Next click the icon

and press Lock.


For Macs
Method 1: Using the Menu Bar on the upper right of the display screen, click the open lock icon.



Method 2: Using the keyboard, hold down the Control+Shift+Power keys at the same time.

SEC_RITY is not complete without U!
Typically, every employee, no matter the rank or position, is in possession of or has access to information or equipment.  Please be diligent and take steps to ensure its security!

If you have any questions or comments, contact I.T. at

Office of Information Technology