Inaugural Posters at the Capitol Feb. 9-10

Stetson University has been invited to submit student poster applications for the first ever Florida Posters on the Capitol in Tallahassee Feb. 9-10.  The event is sponsored by the Florida Undergraduate Research Association, which also sponsors the annual Florida Undergraduate Research Conference (FURC):  “The inaugural Undergraduate Research Posters at the Capitol will be held at the Florida State Capitol Complex in downtown Tallahassee. At this event, up to four undergraduate researchers from each university and college across the state will present their research in a poster format; they will also have the opportunity to interact with legislative members from their representative districts. Our main mission in hosting this event is to encourage the visibility and viability of undergraduate research, while also providing high-achieving students a space to engage directly in the political process.”

If you believe you have a student who would be interested and able to submit a poster of high quality for this marquee event, please contact Dr. Kimberly Reiter ( immediately, as there is a confirmation process for each school to complete before posters are accepted.  We need to establish interest before beginning the process.