Big Words: SING 

It might be hard to find a concept more universally recognized by spiritual traditions than song. Music is almost inherently spiritually transcendent — whether heard or sung, a musical note has an almost magical quality that resonates in the heart.  

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, in conjunction with the School of Music, will celebrate that on Wednesday evening during Big Words: SING. The first such event was last year, and it was so successful a reprise was a must. As in the first event, the music will come to us thanks to the Stetson Community Choir, led by Drs. Timothy and Sandra Peter.  

Each Big Words event presents an interfaith perspective on a concept or value important to different religious and spiritual traditions. Many, if not all religions, use music in one way or another to communicate spiritual values and create a sense of community. Everyone is welcome and all are invited to lift their voices in song, regardless of their ability to sing.  

Big Words: SING will be at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 13, in the Stetson Room. Dinner will be served — a taste of the Mediterranean — and Cultural Credit is available for this event.