REMINDER: Title IX Annual Training due by November 15, 2019

Thank You to the 40 percent of Stetson employees who have completed this training already!

If you have not completed the current Title IX online course, please schedule time on your calendar to ensure the completion of this important training by Friday, Nov. 15, 2019.

We recognize and appreciate that most employees completed the AY 2019 Title IX online module during Spring 2019 semester; however, with this current AY 2020 assignment, we are resetting the Title IX annual training cycle to occur during Fall semesters moving forward. The current course, “Harassment and Discrimination Prevention,” is estimated to take 90-120 minutes to complete, but it can be stopped and resumed at any time.

Thank you for your commitment to the safety and security of all Students, Staff, Faculty and Visitors of Stetson University! Stetson University is committed to providing a safe, supportive campus community.

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Any questions/concerns? Please contact Title IX Investigator Scott Kern at, or 386-822-7566.