RX and Electronic Nicotine Delivery System Take Back!

Do you have old prescriptions taking up space in your cabinets?  Looking to prevent someone from taking medication they are not prescribed or disposing of them in ways that can harm the earth? What about quitting smoking?  Looking to kick the habit of smoking electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) to live a healthier lifestyle? Let us help you by turning items in for great rewards!

On Monday, Oct. 28, Public Safety, The WELL Team and Fronk Scholars will be hosting a campus-wide Take Back event.  You will have the opportunity to turn in any old prescription drugs or medications you no longer need in a safe way.  For each prescription you turn in, you will receive a $5 coffee voucher to our very own Coffee Shop!  For every ENDS that you turn in, you will receive the $5 Coffee Shop voucher AND a $15 Publix gift card! Learn about cessation opportunities on campus and in Volusia County and kick start your health journey!

ENDS may include vapes, vape pends, JUUL, Hookah Stick or THC pens. Items will be collected in a confidential and non-judgmental environment geared toward campus-wide safety.  For more questions, reach out to Christina Kulpa, Assistant Director of Wellness and Recreation, at ckulpa@stetson.edu.