Commencement 2020

Dear students, faculty and staff:

At Stetson University, we are proud of the work that our students are doing to complete their Stetson journey and we look forward to celebrating their accomplishments at the commencement ceremonies in May 2020.  As we make plans for these events, we take this opportunity to let you know about several new ways that we are considering the upcoming graduation events, and some changes that we hope will enhance the experience for our graduates and their families.

For four years, the university has held commencement at the Spec Martin Memorial Stadium, an outdoor arena that could accommodate the large number of visitors for our commencement ceremony. While we have been able to accommodate large crowds at this location, we believe that we can enhance the graduation experience by moving the location back on to Stetson’s beautiful DeLand campus and hosting multiple ceremonies indoors at the Edmunds Center. We believe that this change will provide the best experience on this important day.

Such a move will require that we have two undergraduate ceremonies: a Saturday morning ceremony for the School of Business Administration and the School of Music together, and a Saturday afternoon ceremony for the College of Arts and Sciences. The events must be ticketed (no cost for the tickets) in order to ensure even availability of seats to our attending family and friends. Each graduating student will be able to receive five (5) tickets; however, there will be a process for reallocating unused or excess tickets into a ticket pool for students who request more than five tickets. We believe the university will be able to accommodate practically all of the requests for the Schools of Music and Business Administration ceremony, and a large number of requests for the College of Arts and Sciences ceremony.

Following the format developed over the past few years, our anticipated schedule of events for the graduation week will include a graduate commencement ceremony, ROTC commissioning ceremony, undergraduate awards and recognitions, and two undergraduate commencement ceremonies as follows.

Thursday, May 7,
5 p.m.  Graduate Commencement

Friday, May 8,
10 a.m.  ROTC Commissioning Ceremony
4:30 p.m.  Undergraduate Awards and Recognition

Saturday, May 9,    
9 a.m.  Undergraduate Commencement: School of Business Administration and School of Music
2 p.m.  Undergraduate Commencement: College of Arts and Sciences

Receptions will follow our graduate and undergraduate commencement ceremonies on Thursday and Saturday for faculty, students, families and friends.

More information about Stetson’s 134th Commencement ceremonies can be found at the Commencement website [], which is updated as new facts become available. Please send questions and feedback to

Julie Hunter, Director of University Events
Bruce Chong, Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Noel Painter, Executive Vice President and Provost