Come join Stetson Wesley on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 6 p.m for Encounter!

So what is Encounter? Encounter, our bi-weekly service, is likely very different from experiences of church you’ve had before so we want to make sure you know what to expect.

Encounter kicks off with a few songs from our live band, Edison’s Medicine! We favor music that people really listen to and connect with; even if it isn’t “churchy.” We then enjoy a home-cooked meal while sharing sacred texts and poetry and stories, trying different meditative practices, and discussing deep questions of life. We also celebrate Eucharist together, also known as Holy Communion. No one is required to partake in this tradition but everyone (and we mean EVERYONE) is invited.

This week, we will explore the concept of identity and why sometimes it feels like losing a wrestling match when you confront your deepest self. At Stetson Wesley, we welcome you just as you are, whoever you are, wherever you are.

Stetson Wesley is located at 520 N. Woodland Blvd. (next to Allen Hall).