Stetson Athletics Fall Fundraiser Challenge

Stetson University will launch its inaugural fall season giving campaign, the Stetson Athletics Fall Fundraiser Challenge, on Sept. 24. The event will run through Oct. 1.

The goal of this giving challenge is to increase participation among alumni, staff, faculty, friends and family, as well as engage new Stetson Athletics supporters.

Throughout this challenge, athletic teams will compete against each other to exceed their fundraising goals. The team with the largest total donor count, and the team with the most funds raised (both based on percentage compared to roster size) will be announced in early October and receive a special surprise for their program.

The contributions made during this fundraiser provide Stetson athletics teams with the resources necessary to ensure the student-athletes are leaders, excelling in the class and rising above the competition. The Stetson Athletics Department staff strives to make the “student-athlete experience” one that will help them achieve goals now, and throughout their lives, and one they will never forget.

This initiative is being used to build upon the championship culture of Stetson Athletics; to create a tradition that will bring pride to the University and its supporters.

In addition to this giving challenge, there will be another campaign in the spring of 2020. Both the fall and spring campaigns will become annual events. Mark your calendars and keep your eyes and ears open for more information!

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