Annual NCAA Rules Education

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Stetson is a member of the National Collegiate Athletics Association’s Division I and is committed to compliance with its rules. One of the requirements for membership in NCAA Division I is institutional control, which includes educating our faculty and staff on relevant NCAA rules.

In order to do this most effectively, two documents summarizing pertinent NCAA rules — one for faculty and one for staff — are available. Both the document for faculty, “NCAA Rules Education for Faculty,” and the document for staff, “NCAA Rules Education for Staff,” can be accessed via the “NCAA Rules Education” link located in the “A-Z” index on Stetson Today. We hope that all faculty and staff will access this document and read (or re-read) it. This is particularly important because not only is the Stetson responsible for rules education, but it is responsible for rules compliance. If a faculty or staff member commits a violation of NCAA rules, the university will be held responsible and could potentially face significant penalties, depending on the severity of the infraction.

The document might also be of interest to faculty because it summarizes NCAA rules and Stetson policies on missed class time for travel and competition, including a summary of the responsibilities of the athletics department and our student-athletes for notifying faculty of potential missed class time.

In addition to the aforementioned rules education documents, faculty members are provided with a summary of NCAA rules related to student-athlete eligibility, which may be helpful to them when advising student-athletes. The summary can be accessed by clicking the same “NCAA Rules Education” link on the “A-Z” index. This summary might also be of interest to staff members in the Student Success Center, the Center for Career and Professional Development and Academic Advising, academic affairs, admissions, the registrar’s office, the dean’s offices, and the counseling center.

If you have any questions regarding these rules education documents or have questions about the eligibility rules, please contact Mike Bitter, Faculty Athletics Representative, at mbitter@stetson.eduor x-7422; PJ Moses, Associate Athletics Director for Student Success, at pmoses@stetson.eduor x-8141; or Scott Hobbs, Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance, at sjobbs@stetson.eduor x-7490.

Faculty, if you have any academic concerns about individual student-athletes (e.g., missed class time, need for a tutor), please contact PJ Moses or Sharniece Supal (