Guest Sign-in for Windows-based Classrooms

Dear Stetson Community,

In our efforts to improve login times and user access for our classrooms, the Information Technology department will be rolling out an optional new Guest Sign-in feature for Windows-based classrooms at the DeLand campus.


With the new Guest Sign-in, users will be able to log in quickly to a classroom workstation by simply clicking “Guest” at login. Once logged in, the user can use the PC as they would normally.

Note that when a user is logged in with the Guest Sign-in, access to Shared Drive will be unavailable, and information saved during the session will be deleted at log off.  For these reasons, users are encouraged to sign in with their Stetson credentials if using the same PC on a regular basis or need access to Shared Drive.

The new feature also adds the following benefits to improve the classroom experience:

  • Faster logins
  • Sign out locked users
  • Wake nightly
  • Check for and install updates
  • Forcibly reboot, when necessary, to complete updates

These configurations reduce the need to update and reboot computers during daytime hours.  Notifications about required updates are also blocked from disrupting end users.

If you encounter any issues or have questions about the new Guest Sign-in feature, please reach out to the Information Technology department at or 386-822-7217.

-Office of Information Technology