New Stetson Calendar update

University Marketing will go live with the new Stetson University Calendar on Tuesday, Aug. 13, for all campuses.

The Stetson Calendar will replace multiple systems, including Ad Astra on the DeLand campus.

Faculty, staff and students should find the new calendar streamlines the process of entering events. It allows for the use of photos with event listings, as well as fliers and pamphlets (as a PDF). It also includes a built-in directional map to events and allows individuals to schedule reminders about upcoming events via email or text.

More new features will be listed in an upcoming tutorial and discussed at a general training session for the campus community in early August.

Key items to keep in mind:

  • On Aug. 13, Ad Astra will be retired for room reservations and event use at Stetson.
  • There will be a content freeze in Ad Astra on Aug. 12, beginning at 8 a.m., for 24 hours as we migrate data from Ad Astra to the Stetson Calendar.
  • Users should stop inputting events and requests in Ad Astra at the end of the day on Aug. 11.
  • The new Stetson Calendar will be accessible to the campus community and the general public from all the same links and buttons that currently exist on the university‚Äôs website. However, any bookmarks will need to manually changed in your browser.
  • There will be a single form for all users to input event requests for the Stetson Calendar. Just like the current system, these requests will go to a room approver to evaluate. The room approvers will start training this week.
  • As with any new software, we may have to iron out a few wrinkles as they pop up when the system goes online. Please report any anomalies that you may encounter to

A how-to tutorial and general training session will be available in early August for everybody who is interested in learning about Stetson Calendar. More details will be announced shortly.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact Web Services in University Marketing at