Stetson Dining’s Hat Rack – Update

Stetson Dining’s Hat Rack will be closed during the summer. 

We do have a winner from the surveys collected this Spring.  BYOB – our burritos and bowl concept will be joining the Stetson Dining lineup and replace Johnny Rockets. This win was a landslide compared to the other choices in the survey, we had nearly 700 responses, most of which were students with meal plans. We thank you for helping us get a pulse on the Stetson campus community and getting BYOB to become a part of the Stetson Dining family!

Due to the nature of permitting and construction, the university and Dining Services came together to decide the timeline for this project. We were concerned about an extended interruption in service, as city permitting can take up to 90 days to grant permission to start construction.  In an effort to provide uninterrupted food options during the Fall 2019 Semester, we decided to continue with Johnny Rockets for one more semester.  With this in mind, Stetson Dining’s mission to complete the BYOB project will happen as soon as possible, with our partnership with our campus, and the City of DeLand in mind.

Of course, feedback is welcome.  Please email Taylor Mills at for any questions you may have. To stay up to date with all things Stetson Dining Services, please follow us @stetsondining on social media.