Volusia County Health Department Talk

Patricia Boswell, Director of the Volusia County Health Department, will be speaking this Thursday at noon in Sage Hall 257 on, “Public Health Initiatives, Impacts, and Opportunities.” This is a great opportunity for students to learn about what this important work entails and what career opportunities exist both locally and more broadly in Public Health.

If you are interested, please attend Patricia Boswell’s talk. She has been instrumental in steering the county’s in-depth health needs assessment (more info in the article linked below) to identify countywide issues pertaining to opioid drug use, environmental health issues, health disparities, etc.

PATRICIA BOSWELL: Help us build a picture of local health needs

Finally, after the 12-1 p.m. talk, there is also a lunch with Patricia that is open to students; please contact me directly if you are interested at mschrage@stetson.edu.