Procedures for March 29 Meeting


There has been a motion to set specific rules for discussion of the program initiation and discontinuance policies, to make most effective use of time. We will begin the meeting by voting on that procedure. However, to prepare for that meeting and the anticipated rules of procedure, I request a few things from you now. If you wish to present an amendment at the March 29 meeting, please contact me ahead of the meeting.

This is what the meeting agenda would look like under these set rules of procedure:

1.      Vote on rule of procedures.

2.      Presentation of policies under consideration by Alan Green – 15 minutes.

3.      Discussion on Discontinuation Policy, Initiation Policy and Faculty Termination Policy in that order.  We will take down requests to make comments by note or by e-mail to Rajni, the Secretary, in the order we get them at the actual meeting.  The secretary will then post a speaker’s list for the discussion; it will begin with faculty who emailed amendments before the meeting and then continue with anyone who requests to speak at the meeting.

4.    Faculty who emailed their proposed amendment in advance will bring that proposal to the floor, with a 2-minute limit.  If the policy proposers (the Initiation and Discontinuation Policy Task Force) accept a proposed amendment, we will add it to the policy. If the proposers are against it, one other faculty will be allowed at the meeting to speak against the amendment for 1 minute, followed by a vote on the amendment.  

5.    For the remainder of discussion, all comments will be limited to 1 minute.

6.    Vote on all three policies as amended (if amended).  I believe that a secret ballot will be requested.

We have one meeting and one hour to do this, everyone. Read the documents and procedural guidelines carefully.

 Kimberly Reiter, Faculty Senate Chair