Your #SURealResStory

As the 2018-2019 academic year comes closer to an end, Residential Living and Learning is encouraging all residents to look back and reflect on their housing experience. This is a great way to receive genuine responses about what you have experienced on campus and in your community.

Using your responses, we can better showcase the Stetson living experience and build proper marketing materials in the future. With your support, we can hear from more Hatters who continue to impact campus life in countless ways.

We will be holding two parts of this initiative within the First Year community (Gordis, Smith, Nemec, Carson, Hollis). First, keep an eye out for a survey and to join our focus group. Second, we are hosting a campus-wide Instagram raffle using #SURealResStory. This hashtag is one way to capture true student experiences and showcase your memories. If possible, we would like you to share your image along with the hashtag to spread our message. This will be a social media competition for those who like @StetsonU.rll on Instagram and use this hashtag on Instagram — to enter for a Chipotle gift card raffle.