Nominations Open for William Hugh McEniry Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Faculty Senate McEniry Committee is now accepting nominations for Stetson’s most prestigious teaching award, established in 1974 in honor of Dr. William Hugh McEniry, professor and dean from 1940-1967.  The award continues to be based on “the highest attainment of teaching excellence as personified by Dean McEniry.”  The McEniry Award is awarded each year at the Commencement ceremony in DeLand. 

Recipients of the award must be full-time faculty members on the DeLand campus as defined by the Faculty Senate Bylaws. Excellence in classroom teaching is the primary criterion, though other factors, such as intellectual growth, professional competency, academic activities outside the classroom and service to students and the university as a whole may be considered.  Recent winners are recused from winning the award in 2019 (Dr. Eric Kurlander, Dr. Elisabeth Poeter, Dr. Ramee Indralingam, Dr. Daniel Plante, Dr. Megan O’Neill).

If you wish to nominate a faculty member, please send the nomination and supporting materials to Dr. Rajni Shankar-Brown ( by March 29, 2019.