WSJ/THE College Rankings and Student Survey

Faculty and Staff,

WSJ/THE College Rankings has launched its 2020 U.S. Student Survey.

Stetson students are being encouraged to take this short survey to help reveal what students think about engagement levels at institutions around the country.

The survey is open to all Stetson undergraduate and graduate students, but does not include Stetson College of Law students.

Students can enter to win one of four $5,000 cash prizes from Times Higher Education, which is conducting the survey in conjunction with The Wall Street Journal.

Stetson University Marketing is assisting WSJ/THE College Rankings in distributing their 2020 student survey, so that survey company StreetBees will have a better opportunity to collect enough information on which to base their conclusions about the university. Although Marketing is not involved in the survey, we encourage students to participate as a higher response rate provides more accurate results.