Writing Center Tutors Available for Class Visits & Workshops

Tutors are available to visit any class for a 10–15 minute presentation about the services offered at the Writing Center. We also have 40-minute workshops led by our tutors highlighting various parts of the writing process. A list of these workshops is below. We can modify these to fit the needs of your class. Email ldunning@stetson.edu to schedule a class visit and/or presentation. 

Pre-Writing Strategies

This presentation helps students reflect on their own writing processes, and presents strategies for planning and organizing their writing. Throughout the presentation there are several interactive activities, including taking a quiz to identify which learning style fits each student, as the information will be helpful to decide which pre-writing strategies work best for them. 

Introductions & Conclusions 

This presentation discusses how to form an impactful introduction and conclusion, along with how to ensure that the conclusion doesn’t repeat the information from the introduction. In this presentation, students will practice writing hooks and cohesive theses.

Integrating Sources

This presentation explains how to integrate sources in academic papers. In addition, students will discuss how to evaluate sources for credibility, while also educating students about signal phrases and other integration strategies.

Academic Writing

This presentation discusses the mechanics of academic writing, including audience, writing conventions, sentence structure, tone, and word choice. There are several interactive activities that ask students to practice these elements of academic writing. 

MLA, Chicago, or APA Citations

This presentation discusses the mechanics of how to cite in MLA, Chicago, or APA format. It is a hands-on workshop in which students will practice citing within the text, using signal phrases, and creating a Work Cited page. 


This presentation discusses strategies on how to self-edit and proofread a paper effectively. We will also discuss some common grammatical issues.