There are Stetson Peer Instructors (SPI) for courses. SPIs are students who have taken a course before and are offering 45-minute review sessions twice a week to go over some of the course’s trickiest topics.  SPIs are trained to identify and explain patterns of errors to students; SPIs are not TAs and will not write on or grade assignments.  SPIs are most helpful if you do the following:

  • Prepare: make sure to bring your textbook, notes, and anything that you would need for the question(s) you have.
  • Engage: be sure to engage during SPI sessions, ask questions, and be involved. SPI sessions are meant to not only answer your questions but create group dialogue to problem solve.
  • Reflect: during the session make sure to take notes so that afterward you can reflect on the material and apply it.

Because your SPI is specific for a class, hours and locations will be determined at the start of the semester.  Pay Attention in class for an announcement from your SPI and keep an eye on your Stetson student email for a doodle poll during the first week of class that will help determine the time for the sessions.

Email any questions about SPI to hfssc@stetson.edu

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