Hatter Network, searching for the next Editor-in-Chief

Are you passionate about journalism and media? Are you an experienced student leader? Hatter Network needs you!

Hatter Network, Stetson’s student media organization, is searching for its next editor-in-chief: a dynamic student leader who’s passionate about media and journalism, and committed to producing high-quality, independent, engaging content — news, art, literature, music and entertainment — for the Stetson Community.

The editor-in-chief oversees and hires leaders to run each of Hatter Network’s outlets, including The Reporter, Hatter Network’s news organization; WHAT Radio, which produces podcasts and live broadcasts from its headquarters in the CUB; Touchstone, a literary magazine; and Uncouth Hour, a weekly gathering of writers and artists.

The editor-in-chief will uphold The Reporter’s mission statement in all aspects of its work, and constantly strive to make the vision a reality, and manifest Hatter Network’s values —journalistic integrity, accountability and responsibility, interactivity and transparency, creativity, diversity, respectfulness, consistency and eco-friendliness — in all of the work you do and oversee.

The editor-in-chief for the 2019-2020 school year will be hired by the Student Media and Publications Board — which is charged with governing student media at Stetson and consists of students, faculty, and staff — and will prepare for the role by working with staff and advisers in the spring.

Candidates must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, and at least a semester of college-level experience and a working knowledge of journalism and media. They cannot serve in student government leadership during the term of employment (the 2019-2020 school year), and will be required to complete training identified by the faculty adviser in areas such as media law, journalistic ethics and media best practices.

The editor-in-chief will specifically be responsible for:

  1. assuming control and responsibility for the production, content and finances of all of student media, including all content and distribution of that content, including writing, photography, proofing, headlining, layout, design and marketing
  2. creating an annual strategic plan, to be approved by the Board, and then meeting the benchmarks the plan establishes for content production and distribution
  3. hiring and maintaining an editorial board of at least four editors and/or managers to whom responsibilities can be delegated, including, but not limited to, editorial, business, marketing, production and design
  4. training and supporting members of the editorial board and their staffs
  5. managing and monitoring student media’s budget
  6. managing, maintaining and, when appropriate, enhancing student media’s resources, both physical (e.g. office space, archives) and virtual (e.g. software, email accounts)
  7. maintaining professional standards of journalistic and media excellence
  8. upholding and maintaining the policies of the Student Media and Publications Board.

To apply, send a resume and a cover letter addressed to the Student Media and Publications Board and outline your leadership experience and your vision for student media at Stetson.

Send your materials to Student Media Coordinator Crystal Baroni at cbaroni@stetson.edu, or deliver to room 251 on the third floor of the CUB no later than Jan. 18, 2019.

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