Calling All Previous Resident Assistants

Were you a student leader in college?
Did you work for a Residence Life department as an undergrad?
Were you a resident assistant (RA)?

Residential Living and Learning is looking for faculty and staff who have served as a resident assistant or position like an RA while they were an undergraduate student.

Our residential education intern is working on a project to highlight “Stetson famous” RAs across the campus in a social media campaign to help our students connect the impact the resident assistant position can have on them beyond their time at Stetson.

Send the following to Brooke Elsbree at by Nov. 16:

  • University attended
  • Current Position at Stetson
  • Quote about what the RA experience taught you?
  • Current Photo of You

If you have any questions about this request, please reach out to Jessica Day at

Looking for information about the RA recruitment process, visit for details.

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