Network IP Address Updates

In our efforts to improve the design and security of our network, IT will be updating the IP addresses in several major academic buildings in the coming weeks. This work will be performed at 7 a.m. and will be largely transparent with minimal impact.

The buildings affected and the dates when the changes will be made are below. If you work in one of these buildings, please reboot your computer when you arrive at work on the date(s) listed for your building.

  • Edmunds Center:  Oct. 2
  • Sage Hall:  Oct. 4
  • Russian Studies Center:  Oct. 9
  • Hollis Center:  Oct. 16
  • Griffith Hall:  Oct. 18
  • Edmunds Center:  Oct. 23
  • Edmunds Center:  Oct. 25

If you have any questions concerning these updates, please contact I.T. at or 386-822-7217.

-Office of Information Technology