SimplyEngaged Rewards through United Health Care

Members enrolled in SimplyEngaged Rewards through United Health Care can earn up to $200 in redeemable gift cards in a calendar year.

Even though the year is halfway done, there are several ways to earn the $200.

  1. Complete Your Wellness Screening: Stetson’s 2018 “Onsite Event” has passed, but members are still eligible to complete their wellness screenings at a Patient Service Center or with a physician.  Upon completion of this initiative, you will earn $75.00 in rewards through your Rally profile. All forms are due back by 12/31/2018.
  2. Personal Health Assessment (PHA). Login to your profile and earn an additional $25 in rewards for completing a health survey by answering general questions about your health and lifestyle habits. This survey allows you access to your Rally account and participation in other incentive programs. PHA can be completed once a year.
  3. Complete at least 3 Missions through the Rally smartphone app.  Missions are interactive and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each mission can take at least four weeks to complete.
  4. Complete a telephone-based health coaching program. Coaching programs can take approximately three months to complete but upon completion, members earn $75.00.  Call 1-800-478-1057 to begin working on your health improvement plan.

It is not too late for UHC members to earn the full $200 in redeemable gift cards for 2018!