2019-2021 Brown Teacher-Scholar Fellowship Announced

The Brown Center for Faculty Innovation and Excellence is pleased to announce that the 2019-2021 Brown Teacher-Scholar Fellowship has been awarded in Public History. Public historians are committed to representing community and group histories from a wide range of perspectives and to broadening public understandings of historical narratives.

The proposal for a Brown Teacher-Scholar Fellow in Public History was spearheaded by chair of the History Department, Dr. Emily Mieras, in collaboration with her colleagues, Dr. Mayhill Fowler and Dr. Kimberly Reiter. This proposal supports a growing curricular innovation in the Department of History with the goal of developing additional community-based public history research projects and meeting key curricular needs. The fellow, who will join the Stetson faculty in 2019, will collaborate with faculty to meet these goals.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to bring an expert in Public History to campus to share their knowledge with our students and with us. This concentration has already had wide appeal, and the fellow’s expertise will help us develop new courses and applied research projects, not only for our majors, but for any students interested in how history emerges in public spaces and cultural conversations,” Mieras said.

To learn more, read the complete press release at https://blog.stetson.edu/faculty-engagement/2018/04/8828/

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