June Brooks Award nominations

The Stetson University Gender Studies Program is now soliciting nominations for the June Brooks Award for Activism. This award is given annually in memory of a beloved member of the Stetson community who was known for her active involvement in the world to make it a better place.

All forms of student activism are encouraged, with special consideration to:

–activities that promote the cause of women and/or feminism;

–activities that combat discrimination based on race, class, national origin, gender or sexuality;

–activities involving promotion of peace and social justice.

The most important part of the nomination is your letter. If you wish, supply additional material such as the nominee’s resumé, secondary supporting letters, or other documentation of the nominee’s service to Stetson or the larger community. Nomination letters of currently enrolled Stetson students should be made by email to Mary Pollock at mpollock@stetson.edu. Deadline: Feb. 28, 2018.