Stetson Spotlight – Today, Feb. 21 – Dengke Chen presents …

On Wednesday, Feb. 21, Dengke Chen, Assistant Professor of Digital Arts, will present his topic, Preserving Miao Cultural Heritage:  A Virtual Reconstruction and Retrofit of a typical Diao Jiao House

WHEN:  Wednesday, Feb. 21
TIME: 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. (lunch available at 11:30 a.m.)
WHERE:  Lynn Business Center Boardroom – LBC 213

All are Welcome!

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Preserving Miao Cultural Heritage:  A Virtual Reconstruction and Retrofit of a typical Diao Jiao House

The Miao People migrated from China to Southeast Asia, especially to Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, in the eighteenth century, and later their sub-group moved to United States and known as Hmong people. As a manifestation of Miao’s culture, the historical wooden dwelling Diao Jiao House won’t exist long since the wood is highly perishable material which decays in time, causing the houses to become fragile and threatening their structural integrity. As a digital artist, Chen will present a virtual reconstructed Diao Jiao House through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality techniques and will talk about the strategic design methods he used to retrofit the house, to preserve this endangered cultural heritage.

Dengke Chen, Assistant Professor of Digital Artsholds an M.F.A. in new media from the Pennsylvania State University and a B.F.A. in animation from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He specializes in 3D animation and digital video. As a graduate research assistant, he created animations to describe a balanced approach to integrating environmental, economic, sociological and aesthetic dimensions of landscape through strategic research and design. He has worked on numerous commercial projects and also as an art director for a popular children’s TV show for China Central Television. With a strong art background and professional experience, he explores the magical world of storytelling in his work, which can be new media, 2D or 3D animation, digital painting and comic art.

Spotlight Series

The Spotlight Series at Stetson University is a showcase of faculty research, creative inquiry and other scholarly engagement to the campus community. Presenters are primarily recipients of grant awards through the Stetson Summer Grant Program.

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