Study Mayan culture for free in the Yucatan peninsula

This highly competitive, fully funded (free) 1-unit MFE course will immerse 4 Stetson students in the millennial Mayan culture of the Yucatan peninsula. It includes a 2-credit preparation class in the fall of 2018 and a 2-credit integration/evaluation component in the spring of 2019. The highlight of the course will be a 12-day trip to Mexico during the winter break 2018-19  that includes visits with Natives in  several Yukatek Mayan-speaking communities; exploration of 8 Mayan archaeological sites, including spectacular Calakmul; the colonial-style cities of Valladolid, Mérida, and Campeche; plus swimming in 8 gorgeous cenotes and the Caribbean Sea. Apply by contacting WORLD on campus. For more information, contact Dr. Robert Sitler, Director of Stetson’s Latin American Studies Program, at The course is especially for those interested in experiencing a profoundly different culture. It also requires the ability to get up early in the morning, to hike moderate distances and to swim. The ability to speak Spanish is not required, but is still a plus.  Deadline for application is March 16.

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