Network Drive Cleanup

Information Technology periodically reviews disk space usage on the network drives (drives such as G: P: R: S: or W:) to ensure that adequate resources are available for all members of the community. As certain thresholds in capacity are reached, reports are created to analyze usage.

Stetson University data storage and its backup are intended for business use. Personal files like family photo albums, etc., should not be stored in these shared drives. Our reports also show that many of the stored files have not been accessed in years.

Please take some time to go through your storage on the shared drives to accomplish the following:

  1. Video and images – Remove any personal files. Video files take up large amounts of disk and backup space. They should not be on the network drives. If you are in an office that needs to store image files, please contact IT support and we can make recommendations to achieve this based on frequency needs.
  1. Large files – Take a look at other files, especially duplicates and those larger than 500 Mb (megabytes), and remove files that are no longer needed or can be stored elsewhere.
  1. Old files – We are currently storing over 300 gigabytes of 10+-year-old files. These are less critical because they are generally small files, but if you come across older files while doing other work, consider removing those that you don’t use or that don’t have historical value. 
  1. Personal files – Just a reminder that no personal files should be stored on the shared drives; they should be removed immediately.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk at or 386-822-7217.

–Office of Information Technology