Spotlight series resumes with Michael Eskenazi on Wednesday, Feb. 7

On Wednesday, Feb. 7, The Spotlight Series resumes with Dr. Michael Eskenazi, Assistant Professor of Psychology, discussing his topic, What does Covfefe mean? Factors that Influence Lexical Acquisition in Skilled Adult Readers

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 7
Time:  1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. – (lunch available at 1 p.m.)
Location: Lynn Business Center Boardroom – LBC 213

All are welcome!

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What does Covfefe mean?  Factors that Influence Lexical Acquisition in Skilled Adult Readers

Although it surprises many people, the vast majority of the words you know were acquired not through instruction or memorization, but incidentally from reading.  Without any intention, readers create lexical representations for new words that they encounter while reading.  These lexical representations include the word’s spelling, pronunciation and meaning.  In three experiments, I explored factors that influence lexical acquisition including spelling skill and context quality.

Michael Eskenazi, Assistant Professor of Psychology, recently completed his doctoral degree in Experimental Psychology from Kent State University. He is a cognitive psychologist who studies the cognitive processes that underlie word identification during reading and individual differences between low skill and high skill readers. He is also interested in reading and literacy in special populations including blind and deaf readers.

Michael teaches cognitive psychology and memory at Stetson. His students have the chance to learn directly about research by participating in and designing experiments in class. He enjoys mentoring students in his eye-tracking and reading lab.

Spotlight Series

The Spotlight Series at Stetson University is a showcase of faculty research, creative inquiry and other scholarly engagement to the campus community.  Presenters are primarily recipients of grant awards through the Stetson Summer Grant Program.

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