Scam Of The Week: Beware of Fake ‘You’ve Received a Payment’ Emails

The bad guys are notorious for sending emails requesting payments for business-related financial transactions, online services, or to gain something of value, just to name a few. Lately, they’ve flipped the script and they’re sending emails trying to trick you into thinking you’ve received a payment from someone else.

These emails are spoofed to look like they’re coming from internet business applications, such as Stripe and Square; they often suggest that you’ve received a fair sum of money. They contain links to deposit the money in your bank account or view the payment details. The emails are well-constructed and resemble actual emails that you could receive from these types of applications.

Even if you regularly use these types of applications to transfer or receive money, don’t fall for any claims you may receive in your inbox about unexpected payments. If you do receive these types of emails, don’t click on any links, go directly to the app or the website to login and review your account.

Stop Look Think – Don’t be fooled.

Think Before You Click.

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