Major Upgrade on Banner

As announced during the summer, the university’s administrative system (Banner) is undergoing a major upgrade. The new version (Banner 9) will be implemented over the Winter break from December 22 – 24, 2017. Banner will not be available during this time frame, so it will be necessary for all administrative users to complete their transactions by close of business on December 21, 2017.  During this time frame, MyStetson will be available in a “view-only” mode, which means users will not be able to make any changes to the available information. There will be no impact on other services like Email and Blackboard.

Beginning January 2, 2018, authorized users will be able to use both the new Banner 9 (in its beta version) AND the current Banner (version 8).

•       Banner 9 is not a new application, just a new navigation system – Its functionality still works in the same familiar way.

•       Data that users review and update will be available simultaneously in both versions of Banner – users will NOT need to duplicate any changes.

•       Since Banner 9 is completely web-based, there is no need to install/upgrade Java on users’ machines to run Banner 9.

•       Users will gain enhanced usability and navigation, as well as the flexibility to run Banner on any browser.

•       Some custom functionalities currently available in Banner 8 will not be immediately available in Banner 9 when it goes live in beta mode in January. They will be added as needed over the Spring 2018 semester.

Ultimately, Banner 8 will be retired prior to the start of the Fall 2018 term. Therefore, we encourage users to begin doing most (if not all) work in Banner 9 starting in January 2018, utilizing Banner 8 for reference only until it is retired.

If you have any questions, please contact IT at

–Office of Information Technology