Water Protectors: What We Can Learn From Standing Rock (Cultural Credit)

Join Stetson Organization for Native American Revitalization (SONAR) for our film feast on Wednesday, Nov. 29, from 6-7 p.m. in Flagler 201. Before the event, we ask you to watch the documentary, “Awake: A Dream from Standing Rock,” found on Netflix. This way, the majority of the event will be focused on the discussion with our guest, Victor Lopez-Carmen, a Sioux/Yaqui student who went to Standing Rock for the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. If you do not have access to Netflix or are concerned that you won’t be able to watch the movie beforehand, we still encourage you to come to this event! Also, contact Sarah Coffey at scoffey@stetson.edu if you don’t have a way to watch the film but would like to. Water Protectors is Cultural Credit approved.