Subject: Email Security Awareness

As many of you know, a fake phishing email was sent Monday and Thursday last week. The result was over 200 students fell for the phishing email and gave away their username and password to the malicious party. Phishing is the number one method of attacks. Hackers don’t need to hack when they can trick you into giving them your username and password.

It is imperative that you read this entire email to protect your identity.  

A copy of the phishing message is below:


1.       Stetson will not delete your email account, not as a student nor as an alumni.

2.       Before you click on a link in email, mouse over the link to see the URL.

a.       If you had done this, you would have seen that the URL is

b.       If it isn’t, don’t click on it.

c.       Sometimes a hacker will create a malicious URL such as

                                                               i.      Don’t click on this link as it’s also potentially malicious.

3.       Always check the URL at the top of your browser to verify it says

4.       In these situations, when someone enters their username and password, they’ve just given a hacker access to their email, my.stetson data, and anything else you have access to as a student.

5.       Google has made a very good, informative video. Check it out here:

6.       This information, if applied, not only protects your identity at Stetson, but also your personal identity and social media identity.


If you ever have questions about security or technology, I.T. is happy to help. You can reach us at or 386-822-7217.